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Clever technology. Maximum power.

When dynamic forces meet progress, motion results. When revolutionary ideas meet changing market conditions, they can become a driving force in the development of new modes of transportation. With its patented  transmission, industry-leading torque, a compact ø144 mm housing and maximum efficiency, the TQ HPR 120S is redefining the market for e-bike drive systems. Small, light, powerful and made in Germany.

Compact performance for any type of bike

The secret to the TQ HPR 120S is its unique and patented Harmonic Pin Ring Transmission, specially engineered for e-bikes. With 120 Newton meters of torque, the drive is in a class by itself. Measuring 144 millimeters in diameter, it's compact enough to allow for integration in any bike. 

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Setting new standards in design

The TQ HPR 120S offers groundbreaking peformance and innovative design that reflects its character: technically sophisticated, powerful and built to withstand the harshest physical conditions. The motor has been recognized by international journeys for both its degree of innovation and its commitment to the highest standards of design.

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Pushing beyond boundaries

Summiting a peak that seemed insurmountable. Covering a distance that would have been unimaginable with a normal bike. Riding one more circuit simply because there's daylight remaining - and the thrill is irresistible. Whether in the mountains, the city streets or when hauling heavy loads, with the TQ HPR 120S the impossible is within reach. 


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