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Pedelec Cargo

Carry on 

For many commercial purposes, the bicycle today is also the first choice if you need quick transportation in the city, delivering goods and even for the transport of heavy objects. Your day-to-day work can be made considerably easier and faster with the TQ drive system. 

Pedelec Cargo 

For industrial applications, TQ adapts the drive setup individually to the purpose. It makes no difference whether this is for two-wheelers, tricycles or multi-track vehicles. The IP65 class of protection makes sure that even the most varied weather conditions cannot harm the TQ120C – and that you can move your transport goods through the streets quickly and with a clean environmental conscience. 

Depending on the use, the drive is also available as a Pedelec 25 and a Pedelec 40.

The ideal drive, however you ride

Mobility isn't just about getting from point A to point B. It's an important part of our lives, defining how we reach the places we need to be, explore our environment and challenge our physical limits. Whether your goal is to tackle the steepest trails or simply reach the workplace, the TQ HPR 120S accelerates without hesitation, provides support for your entire journey - and feels simply fantastic.