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Pedelec Race

Anyone dedicated to maximum speed without the booming engine noise can use the powerful TQ drive system in this special professional bicycle: 

Pedelec Race

When the vehicle is only moving on roads specially intended for it, the TQ PIN drive system can provide up to 920 W of rated power. Since the assistance of the drive system is not limited to 45 km/h, higher speeds – depending on the performance of the rider – can be achieved.

The transmission is capable of providing this high power continuously. The TQ HPR 120S delivers its 120 Nm of torque up to an above-average pedaling frequency – high speed for professionals! 

The ideal drive, however you ride

Mobility isn't just about getting from point A to point B. It's an important part of our lives, defining how we reach the places we need to be, explore our environment and challenge our physical limits. Whether your goal is to tackle the steepest trails or simply reach the workplace, the TQ HPR 120S accelerates without hesitation, provides support for your entire journey - and feels simply fantastic.