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Pedelec 25 und 45

Everyone who considers motion and sport during their free time as an important balance and health factor likes to ride a bicycle on the weekend. Anyone who wants to cover longer distances and experience a little adventure can use the TQ120S drive for these models:

Pedelec 25

Pedelecs of up to 250 watts of power are classified by ordinance as a bicycle if the motor assists to no more than 25 km/h. An e-bike with a TQ drive accelerates noticeably faster than conventional systems thanks to the strong torque of 120 Nm. In this way, the drive achieves considerably greater accelerations than all other products - just the right thing to have a lot of fun riding over long distances!

Pedelec 45

In this class, the motor provides a rated power of 500 watts and assists up to 45 km/h. Here too, the torque from a dead stop is a powerful 120 newton meters. Bicycles of this class may ride in traffic if they have an insurance sticker and components approved by the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StvZO). These components include, for example, a lighting system and fenders - the perfect choice for the friends of higher speed!

The ideal drive, however you ride

Mobility isn't just about getting from point A to point B. It's an important part of our lives, defining how we reach the places we need to be, explore our environment and challenge our physical limits. Whether your goal is to tackle the steepest trails or simply reach the workplace, the TQ HPR 120S accelerates without hesitation, provides support for your entire journey - and feels simply fantastic.