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Explore the powerful TQ HPR® 120S in this video gallery 

Relive the highlights of the TQ HPR® 120S in exciting Interviews, telling tutorials and thrilling moments. Our goal is simple: to inspire people and put a smile on their faces.

Enjoy the videos and #flyuphill


Auf den Spuren des Ebikes.JPG

E-bike past and future

With the gorgeous Lake Garda as a backdrop, Peter Schlickenrieder interviews outdoor legend Uli Stanciu, sports journalist Markus Greber and TQ-experts Frederic Grimm and Stefan Schneider.

Eurobike 2018.JPG

Eurobike 2018: the Haibike announcement

The spotlight was on TQ at this year's Eurobike as Habike introduced its innovative new FLYON e-bike platform based on our motor.

Riva Bike Festival 2018.JPG

RIVA BIKE Festival 2018 - Tag 1

Experiences of the first day in Riva - live with TQ.

EBike Days München 2018.JPG

E-Bike Days München 2018

Faster, stronger - Fly up the Olympiaberg in Munich!

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Live at the lake: the TQ-Yamaichi podcast

The future of e-mobility? - Listen to our Podcast with Yamaichi filmed at TQ house in Wörthsee

Garda Trentino EMTB Adventure 2017 powered by TQ

Garda Trentino EMTB Adventure

Hand-picked trails, authentic local cuisine and the most powerful e-bike drive on the market.

FireShot Capture 64 - TQ-Drives_ Warum E-Bike_ - YouTube_ -

Why e-bike?

Our interview with Peter Schlickenrieder at the Garda Trentino EMTB Adventure 2017.


Bobby Root on the M1 Spitzing

Finale Ligure, Italy. World record holder Bobby Root takes his M1 powered by TQ for a ride.


Eurobike 2017

Huge crowds and an electric atmosphere at Eurobike 2017.


E Bike Days München

Our first time exhibiting at the E BIKE DAYS in Munich's Olympia Park - the park's mini-mountain is higher and steeper than it seems.


E Bike Days - A look back

Three great days at Munich's Olympic Park, where over 100 visitors got to experience the power of the TQ HPR120S.

EBike Day 2017 rechts ersatz.JPG

Hear what our test pilots had to say

Over 100 visitors rode our test bikes at the E Bike Days in Munich. Here's what they had to say (in German).


Freewheel Feature

In contrast to nearly every other e-bike, the TQ HPR 120S has a freewheel feature that completely decouples the motor from the drivetrain - for frictionless pedaling when the motor is off.


Start- and Pushing Assistance

Willy Rossberger explains the TQ HPR 120S's special start and pushing assitance feature.


Making of Bicycle Brand Contest

Toni Rossberger, Hans-Georg Kasten and Reiner Gerstner - the team behind the winning design in the Bicycle Brand Contest 2017.


Welcome to the future of E-Mobility!

When dynamic forces meet progress, motion results. When revolutionary ideas meet changing market conditions, they can become a driving force in the development of new modes of transportation.


BIKE Festival Garda Trentino Day 1

This was the first public appearane of our factory bikes with TQ HPR 120S motors.

Riva Tag 2.JPG

BIKE Festival Garda Trentino Day 2

On the second day of the festival we sent over 70 riders up the mountain and back again to enjoy the panoramic views of Lake Garda - and the power of the TQ HPR 120S.


BIKE Festival Garda Trentino Tag 3

Olympia Medaillengewinner und Outdoor-Sport-Experte Peter Schlickenrieder durfte die Power des TQ HPR 120S einmal am eigenen Leib erleben - und war voll auf begeistert.


Get Moving!

Exhilirating power instead of plodding progress. The thrill of acclerating out of a traffic jam. Arriving on time without having to sweat. E-mobility powered by TQ.


Toni Rossberger pulls a van

If you've ever tried to pull a 2,300 kilogram van with a bike, you'l l appreciate this feat of man and machine strength.


Toni Rossberger pulls a train

As if a van wasn't enough, Toni and the TQ HPR 120S attempt to pull a train.


Toni Rossberger on the M1 Spitzing

The M1 Spitzing powered by the TQ HPR 120S adds an extra thrill to trail riding.