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Driving e-mobility into the future

TQ develops and produces customer-specific drive systems and components for pedelecs, e-bikes and electric cargo vehicles. The core of the system is the patented harmonic pin ring drive and transmission an innovative technology that enables high performance and maximum torque to be achieved within minimum confines. The harmonic pin ring drive consists of the following components:

  • Electric drive and harmonic pin ring transmission
  • Customer-specific lithium ion battery
  • Cable harness
  • Display
  • Speed sensor
  • Torque sensor

TQ HPR 120S: Power in its most compact form

An intererview with the the inventor of the TQ HPR 120S, Toni Rossberger

When it comes to mobility on two wheels, engineer and motorcross stuntman Toni Rossberger has seen it all. His years of experience enabled him to come up with the design for the TQ HPR 120S. 

Question: How did you come up with the idea for the harmonic pin ring transmission?

T. Rossberger: I have been riding motocross since I was four. Even as a child, I was fascinated by engines and everything involved with that. Everything that makes people faster using technology is my passion. As a result, the trip from an engine to the e-drive was a short one.

Question: What motivated you in developing the new technology? 

T. Rossberger: My requirement was that the e-mobility of the future had to be technically efficient, functional, of very high quality and visually appealing. We succeeded in all this with the TQ HPR 120S.

Question: Where did you get your enthusiasm for e-bikes and electronic drives ?

T. Rossberger: Right now, they are the most exciting, quietest and most environmentally compatible mode of transportation. And they have a continuously growing fan community, not only for sports and leisure but also for urban riders.  Since they also provide big advantages for service companies and commerce, I am certain that this market will also grow quickly.

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